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Regional Member Forums

Regional Member Forums are a way to engage members — and gain their input — on how to use the CMA’s advocacy and resources to affect change on specific issues.

The CMA is hosting four Regional Member Forums in 2019:

  • Halifax (Atlantic) - Saturday, Jan. 26
  • Montreal (Quebec) - Monday, Jan. 28
  • Edmonton (Western/Northern) - Saturday, Feb. 2
  • Ottawa (Ontario/Nunavut) - Monday, Feb. 4

The 2019 forums will focus on two pressing issues, identified by members:

  • Physician health and wellness
  • Adapting health systems and human resource strategies to the changing physician workforce

The forums are also a place for members to share bold, innovative ideas to shape the CMA’s future work.


Registration is first-come, first-served and space is limited. November 23 is the deadline.

To ensure broad and equitable participation across each region, the CMA will cover travel costs for participating CMA members.