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​Seminars for medical residents ― specialty medicine program

This interactive one-day seminar offers guidance from our practice management professionals about launching your medical practice.

Starting your medical practice

Clarify which practice management issues you should address and what questions you’ll need to answer in this informative seminar. You’ll also learn why you should include practice management in your ongoing CME plan, and how to take ownership in all personal and professional decisions.

Negotiating your way to career satisfaction

Negotiation is everywhere. This seminar shows physicians how to base their decisions on sound business principles to avoid costly errors. Preparing for negotiation, learning how to expand the range of negotiation and initiate tradeoffs that benefit both sides, and become more comfortable with the process are among key topics.

Insurance planning

Insurance planning is part of the overall financial plan, and this seminar is tailored to cover disability and life insurance, occupational definitions, elimination periods, riders and benefits and office overheads.

Principles of personal, professional financial management

Explore the principles of personal and professional financial management and learn how MD Financial Management​​ can help with questions.

Personal, professional accounting issues and taxation

Learn about how the accounting software packages now available help interpret tax definitions and principles as they apply to the physician and point out basic tax deductions available.