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Surveyor competencies and performance expectations

New surveyors may not initially be able to meet all core competencies; ability to meet some core competencies will develop with survey experience. Surveyors will meet specialty competencies from the perspective of their individual professional backgrounds.

Surveyors are eligible to continue in this role for up to 3 years following their departure from their field of practice. Survey teams are assembled based on surveyor expertise so that the team as a whole encompasses all core and specialty competencies.

Surveyor core competencies and performance expectations

Apply a professional approach to program accreditation

  • Act ethically
  • Respect confidentiality of program information and interview
  • Declare any areas of actual or perceived conflict of interest with the program
  • Promote the value of the accreditation process in maintaining national standards

Apply an analytical approach to program assessment

  • Analyze evidence objectively
  • Relate evidence to the criteria for program compliance
  • Synthesize information from various sources
  • Formulate assessment conclusions based on evidence

Utilize effective interview strategies

  • Formulate clear, open-ended questions based on evidence to be validated
  • Set up open climate with interviewees
  • Communicate clearly with interviewees
  • Adjust interview questions based on interviewee’s answers
  • Manage interview time

Work effectively as a member of a team

  • Participate in all scheduled activities and follow-up work
  • Share opinions with others
  • Respect other opinions
  • Weigh other ideas objectively
  • Work with others to achieve consensus

Demonstrate empathy toward the program

  • Listen actively to program personnel, students and other stakeholders
  • Convey understanding of concerns
  • Give feedback in a constructive manner

Demonstrate flexibility during the program assessment process

  • Listen to new ideas
  • Accept new and emerging evidence
  • Adjust schedule in response to circumstances
  • Adapt assessment as new evidence emerges

Surveyor specialty competencies and performance expectations

Apply knowledge of clinical practice to program assessment

  • Demonstrate awareness of the role(s) of the relevant profession(s) within the health care team
  • Relate the entry-level competency profile for the profession to current clinical practice

Apply knowledge of educational principles to program assessment

  • Apply criteria for program compliance in relation to best practices in education
  • Contribute suggestions for program improvement
Surveyor competencies and performance expectations