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Three BC doctors contest president-elect position

For the second year in a row, three candidates have put their names forward as potential candidates for the position of president-elect of the Canadian Medical Association (CMA).

Electronic voting for the position is open to all members of Doctors of BC and takes place from Jan. 16 to Feb. 23, 2015.

The winning candidate will become the Doctors of BC nominee for CMA president-elect in 2015-16. The candidate’s name will be brought forward to CMA’s General Council (GC) meeting in August for confirmation. Under CMA bylaws, additional candidates could be nominated by other means – including from the floor of GC – but this is an unusual occurrence.

Once the approximately 250 GC delegates have elected or acclaimed the new president-elect, the physician will serve in that position until August 2016, then assume the presidency when the CMA holds its 2016 annual meeting in Vancouver.

The British Columbia candidates for president-elect

Dr. Granger Avery, a general practitioner from Port McNeill, on Vancouver Island, was president of Doctors of BC (then known as BC Medical Association) in 1997-98 and has been chair of the annual general meeting of the association since 2009. Avery was a member of the CMA Board of Directors for 10 years.

Dr. Nasir Jetha, a pediatrician from Vancouver, was president of Doctors of BC (BC Medical Association) in 2011-12 and now sits on the CMA executive committee as member-at-large, as well as on the board of directors. Jetha is a clinical associate professor of pediatrics at the University of British Columbia, and is on active staff at BC Children’s Hospital and BC Women’s Hospital and Health Centre.

Dr. Shelley Ross, a family physician in Burnaby, was president of Doctors of BC (BC Medical Association) in 2012-13. Ross has also served as the president of the Federation of Medical Women of Canada and the Medical Women’s

International Association. She is presently a member of the CMA Board of Directors and chair of the board’s Governance Committee.

The nominee for president-elect is elected annually according to a predetermined rotation cycle involving the 12 provincial and territorial medical associations that form the CMA.

The current president-elect is Dr. Cindy Forbes of Waverley, NS. She will become president at the August 2015 annual meeting in Halifax, succeeding Dr. Chris Simpson, the current CMA president.

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