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Upcoming federal budget a chance for new vision for health care

The CMA is advancing a series of critical recommendations to the federal government as part of its pre-budget consultations to ensure Canada meets its urgent and changing health care needs.

The seven recommendations submitted by the CMA to be included in this year’s federal budget would enhance cooperation on pressing federal-provincial health issues and address the major long-term challenges to health care provision arising from an aging population.

As part of its pre-budget advocacy, the CMA is also urging the government to maintain tax equity for medical professionals by affirming its commitment to the existing framework governing Canadian-Controlled Private Corporations.

The CMA has reached out to the government to seek clarity on its plans for the small business tax framework. In its pre-budget submission, the CMA pointed out that under Canada’s health care system, the majority of physicians are self-employed professionals and, in effect, small business owners.

Besides providing a highly important and valued public service, Canadian physicians are directly and indirectly responsible for hundreds of thousands of jobs, contribute significantly to the knowledge economy and invest millions of dollars in local communities, the CMA pointed out to Parliamentarians.

The core of the CMA’s submission to the federal pre-budget consultations is a set of tangible recommendations for meaningful federal action to support health and health care. Taken together, these recommendations set the groundwork for the federal role in health in advance of discussions with the provinces and territories on the new Health Accord.

The recommendations focus on:

  • Improving access to prescription medication;
  • Expanding the availability of home care and long-term care;
  • Delivering immediate support to Canada’s family caregivers;
  • Establishing new funding to the provinces and territories to support seniors care.

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