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Annual reports and schedule of upcoming annual meetings

The Canadian Medical Association (CMA) historically has held its Annual Meeting and General Council in the various jurisdictional locations based on four cycles, each spanning nine years.

However, with governance changes enacted since 2008 the rotation system has changed. In 2009, the board approved a single 19-year cycle to start at the end of the current cycle. Annual meetings are now held in various regions across the country based on the allocation of CMA director positions per province/territory. That allocation, in turn, is based on one director per 6,000 CMA members in the jurisdiction, according to current membership data.

CMA meeting rotation - 2015-29

19-year cycleYearProvincial/territorial jurisdiction
12011Newfoundland and Labrador (Aug. 21-24 – St. John’s)
22012Northwest Territories (Aug. 12-15 – Yellowknife)
32013Alberta (Aug. 18-21 – Calgary) | Proceedings of the 146th Annual Meeting (2013)(login required)
42014Ontario (Aug. 17-20 – Ottawa) | Reports to General Council 2014(login required) | Resolutions adopted | Proceedings of the 147th Annual Meeting (2014)(login required)
52015Nova Scotia (Aug. 23-26 – Halifax)| Reports to General Council 2015(login required) | Resolutions adopted | Proceedings of the 148th Annual Meeting (2015)(login required)
62016British Columbia (Aug. 21-24 – Vancouver)| Reports to General Council 2016(login required) | Resolutions adopted | Proceedings of the 149th Annual Meeting (2016)(login required) | Disposition of 2016 Resolutions(login required)
72017Quebec (Aug. 20-23 – Québec) | Report to Members 2017(login required) | Resolutions adopted
82018Manitoba (Aug. 19-22 – Winnipeg)
92019Ontario (Aug. 11-14 – Toronto)
102020New Brunswick
142024Prince Edward Island
162026British Columbia


CMA’s audited financial statements for 2016 are included in the 2017 Report to Members. Note that CMA’s financial statements are special purpose statements. The audited financial statements for each of the subsidiaries (CMA Holdings 2014 Inc., Joule Inc. and MD Financial Holdings) are available upon request.