Canadian Medical Association

The CMA is the national voice of Canada's medical profession. Together, with our members and partners, we work to improve the health of Canadians and strengthen the health care system.

Toward our new strategy: Impact 2040

With input from members, partners, patients and third-party experts, we’ve defined three strategic opportunities —  focus areas where we will concentrate our efforts in the long term:

  • Health system
    The CMA will help ensure that by 2040, Canada’s health system is designed to promote health; and be sustainable, integrated and patient partnered.
  • Health
    The CMA will help ensure that by 2040, every person has equitable opportunities to achieve optimal mental and physical health outcomes.
  • Health workforce
    The CMA will help ensure that by 2040, medical culture in learning and practice is safe, inclusive and health-promoting.

The CMA Board of Directors has also defined a series of strategic goals that outline what we aim to achieve within these areas of focus.

Next steps

In early 2021, we will begin laying out an action plan for how we will achieve our strategic goals and will be seeking further feedback from members and stakeholders.

We will release our new strategy in spring 2021.

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