Canadian Medical Association

On this National Physicians’ Day, let me take the opportunity to sincerely thank every Canadian doctor for their hard work and dedication to patient care. Your work and dedication truly matter. You are critical to driving change and transforming our health care systems for the better.

Your every day commitment inspires the CMA to keep trying to make the health care system better for all Canadians. This past year, I’ve been fortunate to meet doctors from everywhere in the country and I’ve witnessed your strong desire to improve the way we deliver health and wellness in Canada. As physicians, you experience first-hand the challenges of our health care system and you know which opportunities to seize to make it stronger and accessible for all.

As we’ve seen in recent developments on physician mobility and health funding, your voice matters and doctors’ advocacy truly make a difference. The CMA will continue to elevate your voice, inform health care leaders, and hold decision-makers accountable for real, sustainable change. 

Thank you to Canada’s physicians for being present with your patients and for speaking up for a healthier future for all.

Dr. Kathleen Ross
President, Canadian Medical Association

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