Canadian Medical Association

The Canadian Medical Association (CMA) is deeply concerned about any government proposal that restricts access to evidence-based medical care, including the Alberta government’s proposed restrictions on gender-affirming treatments for pediatric transgender patients.

Canadians have a right to make personal choices about their health with the support of their families, the guidance of licensed, regulated health professionals and free from political interference.

Exploring and determining one’s sexual orientation and gender identity is part of normal childhood and adolescent development. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to treating patients experiencing gender dysphoria. An approach that restricts the most appropriate care options for some patients has the potential to cause permanent harm.

Ensuring children have universal access to a full range of medical care is essential for their well-being. We know that transgender youth have higher rates of mental health issues, including suicidal tendencies, due to stigma that they face. By providing comprehensive health care options, we affirm the dignity and humanity of transgender individuals, reinforcing the notion that everyone deserves access to the medical support necessary for authentic self-expression.

We strongly urge governments to consult with health-care professionals — experts in their field — when considering policy changes related to health care.

Dr. Kathleen Ross
CMA President

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