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The pandemic exposed long-standing gaps in health systems, health outcomes and medical culture. As we recover and rebuild, we’re calling on physicians, medical learners, other health providers, patients, policy-makers — and all Canadians who believe change is possible — to co-create a better future of health.

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We’ve chosen a 20-year horizon to be truly bold in how we approach our goals.

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We’ve analyzed the wide-ranging impacts of the pandemic and the need to build a better, stronger future state.

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We’ve committed to an agile plan that will evolve, with the flexibility to respond to innovations, such as digital health, as well as emerging issues.

At the CMA, we know communities are the most powerful lever of change. It’s about working in partnership to have impact. It’s about pledging to bring about lasting change.

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Responsive process

Health care is in constant evolution, as is our strategy. Responding to emerging issues and opportunities will remain at the heart of our work. Perspectives and insights from the medical community, stakeholders, patients and experts have and will continue to inform our strategy. Building and growing collaborative partnerships with provincial and territorial medical associations, affiliates and key stakeholders will be critical to helping us build a better future of health.

Our vision: a vibrant profession and a healthy population

Impact 2040 is a long-term commitment to advance our vision and to achieve:

  • a health system that’s sustainable, more accessible and patient partnered
  • a new medical culture that’s focused on physical and mental well-being, and one that embraces equity and diversity
  • a society where every individual has equal opportunities to be healthy

Our mission: empowering and caring for patients

We will act on immediate issues such as physician wellness, virtual care and medical culture — knowing that patient care will ultimately improve when physicians are at their best, access to care is broadened and the environment of care is inclusive for workers and patients alike. Looking further out, we’re challenging the status quo and we’re prepared to disrupt conventional thinking to ensure that health extends beyond treating illness.

Together, we will drive lasting change.

At the CMA, we know that the biggest lever of change is community. That’s why we’re building a movement to make health all it’s meant to be. As we recover from the pandemic, we’re calling on physicians, medical learners, other health professionals, patients and policy-makers to co-create a better future for health.

Our goals frame what impact looks like:

Health system

  • A pan-Canadian health system is designed to address the determinants of health through the seamless integration of health and social care.
  • Integrated, community-based care delivery models are co-designed by patients, caregivers, physicians and other health care providers to ensure access to quality care.
  • An integrated, pan-Canadian workforce strategy prioritizes and reflects population, community and health workforce needs and is supported by innovations in policy, process, and payment.


  • Indigenous Peoples achieve measurable, on-going improvements in health and wellness, supported by a transformed health system that is free of racism and discrimination; upholds Indigenous Peoples’ right to self-determination; values, respects and holds safe space for Indigenous worldviews, medicine and healing practices; and provides equitable access to culturally safe, trauma-informed care for all First Nations, Inuit and Métis Peoples.
  • Older adults have access to the full spectrum of supports to age with dignity in their community.
  • Mental health and well-being are promoted and supported across the lifespan, as part of achieving optimal health outcomes.
  • Poverty reduction is prioritized as a key driver of optimal health outcomes.
  • Climate change is understood and addressed as a challenge to the health system and a key driver of population health.

Health workforce

  • Medical culture prioritizes well-being, diversity, collaboration, compassion, respect, accountability, leadership and excellence in care.
  • Health care providers and learners thrive in learning and practice environments that are physically, psychologically and culturally safe.
  • Physicians and medical learners have access to resources and supports to promote and maintain their health and wellness and can seek help without fear of reprisal.

Our priority strategic initiatives

Aging with dignity in the community 

Net zero emissions health system 

Indigenous health in allyship with First Nations, Inuit and Métis People

Integrated health workforce plan 

Health workforce framework for psychological, physical, and cultural safety 

Improving physician wellness by reducing administrative load

Pan-Canadian Licensure


If you have any questions about our priority strategic initiatives, contact our Member Service Centre at [email protected].

Our guiding principles

We have purposefully embraced six guiding principles to underpin our work. These guideposts help define how we engage and what we seek to achieve, while also inspiring a culture of improvement. The guiding principles apply to all that we do.


We understand that equity extends to the profession and to patients. We must recognize and be inclusive of people’s differences and ensure that we consider how every individual is provided with what they need to thrive. We must make every effort to reduce or eliminate health disparities that result from factors or determinants that are systematic, avoidable and unfair.


We believe that the inclusion and participation of diverse groups and individuals brings forward experiences and perspectives that challenge the status quo and lead to better decision-making and outcomes. We will take bold steps and call out counteractions.


You can’t build a movement without community and you can’t build community without engagement. Building on our rich history of physician engagement, we will cultivate meaningful and respectful dialogue, expanding our efforts by focusing on inclusivity and co-creation.


We believe we have an obligation to create positive change. We honour our commitments and take responsibility for the decisions we make. We value reporting on our work and being responsive to emerging issues that affect medical professionals and the patients in their care.


We’re committed to openly sharing information that builds trust, communication and community with all stakeholders. This includes being responsive to emerging issues, drivers of change and new opportunities on the horizon.


We need to be bold. Our goals and work are designed to have deep and broad impacts to effect systems change that will chart a new future for health in Canada. We’re ready to disrupt and advance solutions that can make a meaningful and measurable difference in partnership with those who share our passion for better health.

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