Canadian Medical Association

The CMA has historically held its Annual General Meeting (AGM) and General Council (which has electoral and policy functions) in various jurisdictions across Canada to coincide with the presidential rotation. CMA held its inaugural Health Summit in 2018. In 2019, the Board of Directors approved, going forward, that the CMA would hold the AGMs and General Council components adjacent to the Health Summit in Canada’s larger urban centres to facilitate attendance for these events. Listed below are the more recent meetings held with links to annual reports; also listed are the location and timing for upcoming meetings. This information will be updated in due course.

CMA Annual General meeting locations

Year Provincial/territorial jurisdiction
2017 Quebec (Aug. 20-23 – Québec) | Report to Members 2017 (login required) | Resolutions adopted | Proceedings of the 150th Annual Meeting (2017) (login required)
2018 Manitoba (Aug. 19-22 – Winnipeg, includes inaugural CMA Health Summit) | Report to Members 2018 (login required) | Proceedings of the 151st Annual Meeting (2018) (login required) 
2019 Ontario (Aug. 11-13 – Toronto, includes CMA Health Summit) | 2019 Report to Members (login required)
2020 Halifax (August, dates tbc)
2021 Vancouver (August, dates tbd)

The CMA’s audited financial statements for 2018 are included in the 2019 Report to Members (see Appendix B, login required). The CMA’s financial statements are considered “special purpose statements” as described in Note 2 to the financial statements. The audited financial statements for each of the subsidiaries are available upon request.