Canadian Medical Association

Kamloops, BC; University of Copenhagen (Denmark), 1959; obstetrics and gynecology. Died April 30, 2019, aged 89. Survived by his wife Janeen, 4 children, 3 stepchildren, 19 grandchildren and 3 great-grandchildren. “Johs was a dedicated physician who had a passion for missions. He went to Africa 7 times to do relief work.” Colleagues Steve Ashwell and Ulrike Meyer commented: “We’d like to share a story from his time in Dawson Creek, BC, to help you appreciate Johs. Typically, he would be called in by an anxious and exhausted GP at 03:00, and through the minus-40 he came to attend an obstetrical emergency. Always prompt, a careful consult was provided and Caesarean would be recommended and OR called. Five minutes later he would be fast asleep and 20 minutes later scrubbed and ready to go. How we appreciated his calm and confidence. Twenty years later, after dementia took hold, he still enjoyed reading his obstetrics texts and asking his devoted wife Janeen about the call schedule! Small communities around the world benefit from dedicated physicians and surgeons. We will cherish the memory of Johs Asfeldt, an exemplar of small-town obstetrics.”

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