Canadian Medical Association

Toronto; Semmelweis University (Hungary), 1954; psychiatry; former associate professor, McGill University; professor emeritus, Vanderbilt University. Died Feb. 4, 2022, aged 92. Survived by his wife Joan and a son. “Due to the 1956 uprising in Hungary, he was in Canada by mid-January of 1957, and a fellow at Wilder Penfield’s prestigious Montréal Neurological Institute. Penfield had been made aware that, as a medical student, he had won first prize for work he had done in collaboration with a fellow student on post-traumatic epilepsy. Desiring to continue his training in psychiatry, he picked the place Heinz Lehmann worked because he had heard about his work on chlorpromazine. He went to Verdun Protestant Hospital on July 1, 1958, and within a couple of months he became involved in research on phencyclidine (angel dust). This mentorship turned into a close collaboration and friendship. . . . During his career he authored, co-authored, and edited more than 60 books and well over 800 scientific articles. A mention must be made of Psychopharmacology, which was published in 1969. It was the first textbook in this discipline, and the basis for his subsequent research and teaching.”

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