Canadian Medical Association

Vancouver; Istanbul University (Turkey), 1953; psychiatry. Died Jan. 6, 2022, aged 94. Survived by his wife Wynn, 2 children and 4 grandchildren. “His long medical career started with science and medical degrees from the University of Istanbul, and then continued across Europe, and finally to Canada. His kindness, care and concern for people defined him, and those traits also defined his approach to child and adolescent mental health for over 30 years. On July 1st, 1958, his first day in Canada, with a cardboard suitcase in hand, he started his first of many professional medical positions in Canada at the Kitchener-Waterloo General Hospital in Ontario. He also worked at various facilities in Montréal, and after moving to Vancouver he continued to provide care at The Maples and, ultimately, at the Vancouver General Hospital, where he headed the Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Unit for more than a decade before ‘retiring’ to a private practice on Vancouver Island.”

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