Canadian Medical Association

Brandon, Man.; Ireland; family medicine; head, emergency medicine, Brandon Regional Health Centre (BRHC). Died of prostate cancer Oct. 1, 2017, aged 43. Survived by his wife Stacey and 3 children. “The family asks that those attending Chris’s service dress in casual attire or Beestonstrong shirts. Children, on-call doctors, pagers and radios are all welcome. Chris lived life to the fullest extent, cherished each moment, and would encourage everyone to do the same. He would ask that we lead with kindness in everything we do.” An ultrasound technician wrote: “I knew Dr. Beeston through the Diagnostic Imaging Department at the BRHC. He came over on numerous occasions and asked, ‘Are you able to fit in an ultrasound for this patient?’, and then he would launch into a very detailed clinical history. We usually replied, ‘Absolutely, Dr. Beeston, what is the patient’s name so we can be ready for the requisition?’ He would look down at his jeans that had several patient identification stickers on them, and pick them off one by one until he found the correct one and presented it to us! It was a small thing, but it made me chuckle every time.”