Canadian Medical Association

Toronto; McGill University, 1968; psychiatry. Died May 25, 2021, aged 78. Survived by his wife Soryl, 2 children and 3 grandchildren. “Joe had a long and distinguished career in child psychiatry, beginning as director of a preschool and kindergarten program at the Royal Ottawa Hospital in 1977. Starting in 1985, and for the next 27 years, he held various roles as head of child and adolescent psychiatry at the Clarke Institute of Psychiatry, Toronto, and later the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, Toronto. From 1998 to 2004, Joe served as inaugural psychiatrist-in-chief at the Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto, and from 1999 to 2009 held the TD Bank Financial Group Chair in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. He was internationally renowned for his research in speech and language disorders in children and youth. As a professor at the University of Toronto, Joe was a beloved mentor for generations of medical students. For his entire career, he was a caring and compassionate doctor who helped thousands of children.”

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