Canadian Medical Association

Rocky Mountain House, Alta.; McGill University, 2007; family medicine. Died April 2, 2018, aged 38. Survived by her life partner, Eric de Larminat. “Vanessa specialized in family medicine, with a keen focus on obstetrical care. She wanted to explore this great country, and worked in several communities throughout Western Canada. Attuned to the challenges of rural communities’ access to care, she completed the Enhanced Surgical Skills Program in Prince Albert, Sask. She and Eric eventually settled in Rocky Mountain House, where her passion for women’s health issues was amazing and her calm presence in the obstetrical suite made every birth a holy event. Her life commitment was larger than her local community. She was a strong advocate for the Enhanced Surgical Skills Program and played a very active role in furthering the advancement of its curriculum, participating and building ongoing mentorship programs with surgeons through the Rural Surgical Network in BC.” A patient wrote: “I found a heart of gold in Dr. Berjat.”