Canadian Medical Association

Conception Bay South, NL; University of Liverpool (England), 1962; general surgery; PhD. Died Jan. 8, 2018, aged 77. Survived by 4 children and 8 grandchildren. “After graduating from medical school, he moved to Newfoundland. He lived in Halifax, Toronto, Boston and Ottawa (where he received a PhD in physiology from the University of Ottawa) and became a distinguished general and vascular surgeon in Newmarket, Ont. His love for Newfoundland and the ocean eventually lured him back, where he most recently worked as an emergency room physician and began his retirement.” A nurse wrote: “Dr. Michael was one of our favourite doctors. His surgery was excellent and his patients did well. Once, during a busy night shift, we had no time to take a break. Michael came to our rescue and manned the nurses’ station for 15 minutes, allowing us a breather.”