Canadian Medical Association

Kingston, Ont.; McGill University, 1955; psychiatry. Died Feb. 22, 2021, aged 90. Survived by his wife Patricia, 5 children, 9 grandchildren and 3 great-grandchildren. “After earning a travelling fellowship that allowed him to study under Jean Piaget in Switzerland, Bob came to Kingston to practise and teach at Queen’s University and the Kingston General Hospital. He believed therapy should be family focused, and developed the Child and Family Clinic as well as an inpatient pediatric psychiatry unit. He also consulted with the Children’s Aid Society, the school board, and juvenile and family courts. His joy was clinical practice, so in 1980 he moved to Victoria to practise as a community clinician. He also consulted with the health ministry to develop child and adolescent mental health services, and with the youth forensic court. His passion was working with teens. His life’s work was focused on trying to help anxious, confused, disturbed teens to try to wend their way successfully through their adolescence to a happier and more settled adult life — a journey he had discovered was possible, and wanted others to discover too.”

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