Canadian Medical Association

Whistler, BC; University of Toronto, 1974; family medicine. Died Sept. 14, 2021, aged 71. Survived by his wife Jan and 2 children. Pique Newsmagazine reported: “For many years Dr. Burgess was the only game in town, and he perfectly exemplified the ethos of the old-school country doctor. Between his job on-mountain and the valley clinic he established, not to mention side gigs as a heli-ski guide and the national ski team doctor, it wasn’t unheard of for him to work 35 hours straight. If a baby was being born, he got the call. If there was an accident on the highway, he got the call. If he attended a ski injury on the mountain, he was usually the first one there, like the time a helicopter whisked him to the peak of Whistler to treat a women with two broken legs. He found himself in waist-deep powder, still sporting his dress shoes and slacks. ‘I would guarantee he never did a 9-to-5,’ said Roger McCarthy, the former director of safety and lift operations for Whistler Mountain. ‘The coverage he provided was extraordinary.’ ”

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