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“Today is National Physicians’ Day in Canada. It’s a time to recognize our physicians who work tirelessly to deliver the best possible care to all those who call Canada home.”

– Dr. Gigi Osler, Canadian Medical Association (CMA) president.

In celebration of National Physicians’ Day, the CMA is thanking its members for the caring work they do every day. The CMA is also using the day to highlight the work of 10 physicians, residents and medical students who are being honoured as the 2019 CMA Award winners.  

Over the next 10 days, the CMA will be sharing stories and videos about their passion for medicine and how they’re helping build a healthier Canada.

“The strength of our profession lies in our commitment to society, and our unity of purpose to address what ails, promote what helps and, most of all, deliver care for the benefit of those in need,” stated Dr. Osler. “National Physicians’ Day is a time to say thank you to Canada’s physicians for the compassionate work they do today and every day.” 

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