Canadian Medical Association

Vancouver; Xiangya Medical College (China), 1948; obstetrics and gynecology; honorary life member, Canadian Medical Association; professor emeritus, University of British Columbia. Died Aug. 22, 2021, aged 96. Survived by her husband, Dr. Wallace B. Chung, 2 children and 5 grandchildren. “She came to Canada to complete her studies shortly after Canada repealed the China Immigration Act in 1947. After interning in Victoria and Montréal, Dr. Chung entered a 4-year residency at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, where she finished her training as chief resident. [She] moved to Vancouver in 1953, where she established a solo practice at the Vancouver General Hospital and the old Grace Hospital. At the time, she was the first female obstetrician and gynecologist in BC, as well as the first of Chinese descent. Because of her sex and ethnicity, she faced significant discrimination from the established staff and faculty, as well as the community. When she tried to open an office, she was denied a loan by the bank as it was assumed that she would quit work and have children. Despite opposition, she became highly successful as patients, especially new Chinese-speaking immigrants, flocked to her practice. She was also popular among medical students and residents because of her dedication to teaching, even though she was initially denied an academic appointment. Over a long career, from 1956-92, she delivered 7226 babies. Some of those were the babies of those she had previously delivered, all members of an unofficial club of ‘Chung Babies.’ Dr. Chung retired as an emeritus professor after a new department head recognized the injustice of her having been denied promotion for most of her career.”

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