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As the pandemic continued through 2021, so too did the volume and breadth of COVID-19 research and rapid publication of scientific papers. Vaccines and prevention, treatments and complications associated with the disease are among the prevalent themes in these popular COVID-19 ClinicalKey articles published in 2021:

  1. Ivermectin: a multifaceted drug of Nobel prize-honoured distinction with indicated efficacy against a new global scourge, COVID-19. Santin AD, Scheim DE, McCullough PA, et al. New Microbes and New Infections. 2021 Aug 3;43:100924.
  2. mRNA Vaccines to Prevent COVID-19 Disease and Reported Allergic Reactions: Current Evidence and Suggested Approach. Banerji A, Wickner PG, Saff R, et al.
    The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology: In Practice. 2021 Apr;9(4):1423-1437.
  3. Oxford–AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine efficacy. Knoll MD; Wonodi, C. The Lancet. 2021 Jan 9; 397(10269):72-74.
  4. Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on College Student Mental Health and Wellness. Copeland WE, McGinnis E, Bai Y, et al. Journal of the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry. 2021 Jan;60(1):134-141.
  5. Vaccine side-effects and SARS-CoV-2 infection after vaccination in users of the COVID Symptom Study app in the UK: a prospective observational study. Menni C, Klaser K, May A, et al. The Lancet Infectious diseases. 2021 Jul;21(7):939-949.
  6. A five-day course of ivermectin for the treatment of COVID-19 may reduce the duration of illness. Ahmed S, Karim MM, Ross AG, et al. International Journal of Infectious Diseases. 2021 Feb;103:214-216.
  7. 6-month consequences of COVID-19 in patients discharged from hospital: a cohort study. Huang C, Huang L, Wang Y, et al.  The Lancet. 2021 Jan 16;397(10270):220-232.
  8. Face masks to prevent transmission of COVID-19: A systematic review and meta-analysis. Li Y, Liang M, Gao L, et al. American Journal of Infection Control. 2021 Jul;49(7):900-906.
  9. Cutaneous reactions reported after Moderna and Pfizer COVID-19 vaccination: A registry-based study of 414 cases. McMahon DE, Amerson E, Rosenbach M, et al. Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology. 2021 Jul;85(1):46-55.
  10. Tocilizumab in patients admitted to hospital with COVID-19 (RECOVERY): a randomised, controlled, open-label, platform trial. RECOVERY Collaborative Group. The Lancet. 2021 May 1;397(10285):1637-1645.

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