Canadian Medical Association

May 1, 2019 – Today is National Physicians’ Day in Canada. It’s a time to recognize our physicians who work tirelessly to deliver the best possible care to all those who call Canada home. Each day, they practice medicine in clinics, hospitals, emergency rooms, operating rooms and in the communities they serve. In addition to caring for patients, physicians conduct research, make new discoveries and help advance the field of medicine in our country and around the world. Many assume a leadership role in hospitals, health authorities, and public administration. They are counted on to be advocate for and be the voice of quality patient care and sound public health policies.

National Physicians’ Day is an opportunity to reflect on the medical profession − where it stands today and where it’s headed tomorrow. The strength of our profession lies in our commitment to society, and our unity of purpose: addressing what ails, promoting what helps and, most of all, delivering care for the benefit of those in need.

National Physicians’ Day is a time to say thank you to Canada’s physicians for the caring work they do today and every day.  

Dr. Gigi Osler
CMA President

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