Canadian Medical Association

Ottawa (ON) – October 20, 2019 – On the eve of the 43rd federal election, the Canadian Medical Association (CMA) is reminding Canadians to exercise their democratic right and vote. Throughout the campaign, it has become clear that health and health care are among the top of Canadians’ concerns and the outcome could be decided accordingly.

"Every time that Canadians were asked about their top concerns, health and health care were among the top three, which confirms that there are genuine concerns about the current state of our health care system,” says Dr. Sandy Buchman, CMA’s president. “Regardless of tomorrow’s outcome, these concerns will need to be addressed and the CMA intends to work with the next government to help solve those pressing issues.”

For months, the CMA consulted with Canadians and physicians from across the country to establish key priorities for parties to consider. Canadians talked about their worries due to the shortage of health professionals, long wait times and crowded hospitals and the fact they are growing tired of governments cuts to health services to balance budgets.

Canadians believe the federal government should do more to improve health care, regardless of jurisdiction. The CMA’s priorities included recommendations on access to care, seniors care, virtual care, pharmacare, youth mental health and the health effects of climate change.

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