Canadian Medical Assocation

What is the CMA Foundation?

The CMA Foundation was established as the CMA Holdings Foundation in 2005 by the CMA. It was renamed the CMA Foundation in 2017. 

The CMA Foundation provides high-impact charitable giving to registered Canadian charities that further excellence in health care, aligning with the philanthropic aims of the CMA.

Where do the funds come from?

The CMA Foundation was endowed by the proceeds of the sale of Saxon in 2005. It is not funded by CMA member dues.

Who does the CMA Foundation support?

The CMA Foundation supports physicians and patients by providing grants to registered Canadian charities that further excellence in health care through physician wellness, medical education and outreach. The CMA Foundation works with medical associations, affiliates and business partners. By engaging directly with the organizations it supports and by focusing on causes physicians care about, the CMA Foundation ensures that its grants deliver maximum value and effect. The CMA Foundation is not currently accepting unsolicited requests for funding.

Didn’t the CMA already have a foundation?

The previous CMA Holdings Foundation used to provide funding to the Canadian Medical Foundation (CMF). With the change to becoming the CMA Foundation, that funding is no longer provided and the CMA has no involvement in the operations of the CMF. The CMF is an entirely independent foundation.

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