Canadian Medical Association

CMA Health Summit


Connect with physicians, patients, policy makers and health leaders from across Canada to learn from their experiences, leverage best practices and engage on policy issues that contribute to better care. This annual event features a range of panel discussions, keynotes and collaborative spaces to share the latest knowledge on health care innovation, data and technology.

Building on the momentum of the first CMA Health Summit in 2018, this year’s event will focus on creating connections; helping physicians connect to each another, to patients, to technology and to the future of health care.

Over two days, participants will have the chance to participate in expert panel discussions, learn from inspiring keynote speakers, share ideas and see new health innovations in Grand Central, and contribute to a special policy discussion on virtual care. 

  • Connected Physicians, Connected Patients.  This session will explore how technology is being leveraged to disrupt traditional health care delivery, along with real-life examples of how connectivity and innovation can lead to better care.
  • Connecting Systems of Care.  This session will offer insights into the essential elements needed to integrate support services into a high functioning system of care, with a focus on the elderly and mental health services for children and youth.
  • Doctors and patients as information specialists. In this session, physicians and patients will share their own experiences with communicating information effectively, as well as highlighting innovative ways to build better information exchange.
  • Politically Connected: Put Health Back on the Agenda.  With a federal election in fall 2019, this session will look at the issues expected to drive the campaign, and how health care will resonate.     
  • General Council Policy Discussion: Dialogue on Virtual Care in Canada.  A session on the current state of virtual care in Canada, and the challenges it creates.