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As part of its ongoing work on medical professionalism, the CMA has launched a consultation on a draft Charter of Shared Values. The purpose of the charter is to articulate values to which physicians can commit to uphold in support of a unified profession, in the service of patients, specifically:

  1. Commitments to each other: The draft proposes five key values: respect, integrity, humility, civility and reciprocity. Together, the values are intended to be principles an individual physician must commit to when interacting with others.
  2. Commitments to the profession: The draft proposes promoting a culture of: respect and collegiality; self-care and support; inquiry and reflection; leadership and mentorship; and diversity.

CMA members who are interested in providing feedback on the draft charter can do so by completing the feedback form by Thursday, November 30, 2017. Feedback received will be integrated into a final draft to be presented to the CMA Board of Directors for ratification.

The charter is the first of three key deliverables under the CMA's medical professionalism initiative. Revisions to the CMA Code of Ethics and the development of an accountability framework will complete the three-pillar approach set by the Board in March 2017.

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