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The QMA is closing its doors, while the CMA is opening an office in Quebec. Why?

The members of the QMA voted in favour of dissolving the organization in September 2019 in light of the changes affecting all associations.

The CMA believes it’s important to ensure a continued physical presence in Quebec to bring together the medical community and will open an office in the province in 2020.

The CMA intends to preserve the QMA’s mission.

As a member, you will continue to have access to a non-union professional association that will influence health issues, bring together the profession and advocate on behalf of Quebec physicians and their patients to improve the health system.

Why is the CMA opening an office in Quebec?

The CMA has always been present in Quebec; it was founded in Quebec City in 1867. The office will provide even more visibility and enable the CMA to forge closer ties with health care stakeholders.

The opening of a Quebec office is the result of careful consideration and multiple interviews and meetings with Quebec health leaders (including the QMA).

This heralds the start of a new dynamic for the medical community in Quebec and Canada.

Does the dissolution of the QMA mean that issues affecting Quebec physicians will no longer be represented?

The CMA intends to advocate for member physicians and the medical profession in Quebec and will engage on their behalf on key issues. Our priorities are physician health and well-being, and access to care for all patients.

Where exactly in Quebec will the new office be based?

It will be located in Montreal and should be open by the middle of 2020.

What will be the role of the CMA office in Quebec?

The CMA’s role will be very different from that of the federations. It will be defined according to members’ directions and needs on the basis of their feedback.

At no time will the CMA take part in negotiations concerning financial compensation for Quebec physicians.

How do young physicians fit into these new plans for the CMA?

The CMA believes that the engagement of trainee physicians is essential. Students and all physicians will be invited to participate and play an active role in the CMA’s renewed presence in Quebec.

Will the CMA in Quebec work with other partners in the Quebec health care system?

The CMA believes that modern medical practice requires an inclusive and cooperative approach and is open to working with other like-minded partners in the province.

Will membership dues still be required?

Membership will continue to be voluntary. Students and residents will still be exempt from membership fees, while a $195 membership fee will apply to practising physicians. Please see the new fee schedule for more details.

What will happen with my programs and training?

Members will continue to have access to the same English program they’re used to through Joule (a CMA company), under the name Physician Leadership Institute (PLI). The French program, originally provided through the QMA, will now be offered through Joule as well, under the name Programme de cours de l’Institut de leadership des médecins (ILM). The CMA and Joule are committed to investing in and maintaining this program. For more information on leadership development programs or to book a leadership course, please contact

What will happen to the Choosing Wisely Canada program in Quebec?

The program will be maintained. The CMA has committed to funding Choosing Wisely Canada and to working with the right partners to ensure the program’s continued success in Quebec.

Will I still have access to group insurance?

In a memo to members of the QMA insurance program on November 28, 2019, the QMA announced that the Sun Life/Vigilis insurance programs would not be renewed after they end on March 1, 2020. The QMA has signed a new agreement with Sogemec Assurances to continue coverage after that date. For any questions, please contact Sogemec Assurances at 1‑800‑361‑5303 or

How can I reach the CMA in Quebec?

Please call 1-844-987-1342, 8 am to 4 pm, Monday to Friday.

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