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In the next decade, what will be the most important health issues for Canadians? 

The CMA has a rich history of leading important changes in health care, and our 2020 strategy is building on this strength to reach even greater heights. Moving forward, the CMA wants to set the health agenda, and advocate on the key health issues of the next decade.

As we have learned in our work on medical assistance in dying, or opioid therapy, physicians and their patients grapple with important policy issues every day. We want to harness this energy to look forward, to be ahead of the curve in identifying the larger societal trends likely to impact Canadians’ health in the future.

There is no shortage of issues that need our attention; but our goal is to identify the critical areas that will be most impactful for physicians, patients, and Canadians.

Our advocacy needs to be purposeful and bold — concentrating on a few meaningful issues where we can make a difference. We are asking our members, and their patients, to help narrow our focus.

In March, members received an email from the CMA inviting them to participate in an online consultation to help identify these emerging issues. 

The collective insights and contributions of members are what will fuel the work of the CMA. In the future, this work will grow as we lead the way on health issues that matter, and help build a vibrant medical profession and a healthy population.  

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