Canadian Medical Association

With the federal election campaign entering its 3rd week, the Canadian Medical Association welcomes today’s commitment by the Liberal Party of Canada to boost federal investment in health care.

The CMA is pleased to see the Liberal Party make a commitment to improve access to primary care and mental health services, and to negotiating with the provinces and territories for national pharmacare. Today’s announcement responds to many of the CMA’s key priorities in this election.

Earlier in the campaign, both the NDP and the Green Party expressed support for pharmacare, and the Conservative Party spoke of maintaining health transfer payments to provinces/territories and to invest in new health care diagnostic equipment - all welcome commitments.

As we’ve seen in several polls already, health and health care continue to top Canadians’ concerns. Federal leadership is needed to ensure Canadians – ALL Canadians – can receive the high-quality care they need and deserve, when and where they need it.

The CMA is calling for federal political leaders to put health back on the agenda. Canadians are worried about the shortage of health professionals, long wait times and crowded hospitals. Canadians will vote for the federal party they think has the best plan for the future of health care.

Dr. Sandy Buchman
CMA President

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