Canadian Medical Association

The CMA’s participation on CACMS ensures practising physicians have input into the undergraduate medical education system.


CACMS ensures Canadian medical programs meet national standards and fully prepare students for the next phase of their training. CACMS also carries out accreditation surveys and rules on the accreditation status of all the undergraduate medical programs in Canada.


To join CACMS as a practitioner professional member, you must hold an active medical license and be actively engaged in the clinical practice of medicine. Professional members must have knowledge and experience with the process of medical education and accreditation in Canada; ideally, they will also have experience as an accreditation site visitor for undergraduate medical education.


The practitioner professional member serves a three-year term, renewable once.

CACMS meets three times a year in Ottawa; the CMA provides members with an honorarium for these meetings and covers all related expenses. Due to the pandemic, these meeting are currently virtual.

CACMS and the CMA encourage applications from candidates with diverse backgrounds and experiences with a focus on historically underrepresented groups. French language skills are an asset.

Interested applicants can forward their bio and statement of interest (one page each) detailing their attributes, skills and experience relative to the position to no later than April 30, 2021, to be considered.

The CMA Appointments Committee will review nominations and make recommendations to the CMA Board of Directors for submission to the CACMS Steering Committee.

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