Canadian Medical Association

Communities of interest bring people together to explore ideas, share experiences, solve problems and take action. Physicians, medical learners, health professionals and patients are creating these kinds of communities all across Canada. Our grants and online platform are designed to support the creation of communities of interest that address issues impacting the medical profession, or advance ideas to improve health and health care.

2018 Community of Interest grants

Indigenous Health

Bringing physicians and First Nations communities together to resolve Indigenous health inequities.

Creating an Inclusive and Equitable Medical Community

Empowering members to build an inclusive medical culture and realize gender equity.

Student Run Clinic Assocation

Raising awareness of patient access issues and available resources for vulnerable populations.

Canadian Association of MAiD Assessors and Providers (CAMAP)

Evolving an existing CAMAP listserve into a broad, national forum.

Substance Use

Building a national network to share knowledge and inform municipal, provincial and federal substance use policies.

How were recipients selected?

Every submission was reviewed by a selection committee of physicians and medical learners. Proposals were scored on their objectives, strategic approach, leadership and project plans. You can find the full 2018 selection criteria here.  Questions?