Canadian Medical Association

Caledonia, Ont.; University of Glasgow (Scotland), 1971; family medicine. Died July 21, 2017, aged 70. Survived by his partner Irene, ex-wife Elaine, 2 children and 2 granddaughters. “In 1981 he and his family arrived in Caledonia, Ont., where he practised family medicine until 1990. He earned a clinical behavioural sciences diploma in 1992, co-led male-survivor-of-sexual-abuse groups beginning in late 1990, and began treating survivors of sexual abuse in 1992. Later he developed a special interest in psychotherapy and began practising full-time GP psychotherapy in 2000. He continued to do so until November 2015, when he retired due to illness. He was also interested in the politics of health care, and was chair of the Ontario Medical Association for 10 years. David believed in equal rights for all people, regardless of class, race, religion, sexual orientation or gender.”