Canadian Medical Association

Toronto; University of Glasgow (Scotland), 1959; pediatrics. Died Sept. 14, 2018, aged 88. Survived by his wife Pat, a daughter, 2 stepdaughters and 9 grandchildren. “After serving with the British army in Singapore, he returned to Scotland for medical school and ended up as a GP in Carbonear, Nfld. In 1962 he arrived at The Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, where he worked as a pediatric intern and then chief resident. In 1972, Bill served as a pediatric volunteer doctor during the Vietnam War, caring for orphans. Back in Toronto, he started his own pediatric practice in the mid-’70s. He also worked in Dr. Norman Epstein’s allergy office and was on the neonatology clinic staff at St. Michael’s Hospital — an incredible 50-plus-year career in medicine and pediatrics. He was adored by the thousands of children he cared for as a pediatrician from the mid-1960s until 6 days prior to his passing.”