Canadian Medical Association

Trinity Center, Calif.; University of British Columbia, 1969; family medicine, geriatric medicine. Died July 12, 2021, aged 77. Survived by 6 daughters and a step-daughter. “He moved to Palm Springs, Calif., in 1976 and opened a private medical practice, which spanned 30 years. Loved by patients, he was known for his kindness, generosity and intelligence. During these years he devoted much time to the medical community, serving as chief-of-staff at Desert Hospital from 1986-88, as medical director of Desert Oasis Health Care, and as a member of many medical associations.” Dr. Demiany’s nephew, Dr. Matt Frey of Calgary, commented: “He remained active and was still working as a hospitalist [at the time of his death]. He will be dearly missed by his patients, friends and family.”

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