Canadian Medical Association

Calgary; University of Alberta, 1956; anesthesiology. Died Dec. 17, 2017, aged 85. Survived by 3 children, 4 grandchildren and a great-grandson. “Harry served as department head at Alberta Children’s Hospital for 10 years and at Calgary General Hospital (CGH) for 6 years. He was involved with many evolutionary medical feats, such as giving the anesthetic when Dr. G. Miller did Calgary’s first intracardiac pacemaker, and he convinced the psychiatric community to use light general anesthetic before electroconvulsive therapy. Harry also helped convince the CGH Board to keep the post-op recovery room open 24/7, making it only the second hospital in Alberta to do so. Harry also did a lot of sub-specialty work on chronic pain, and in 1976, along with a group of dentists, he established the North Calgary Surgical Centre, an outpatient day-care facility where he served as medical director and chief anesthetist for 17 years. It is difficult to put into words the life of someone who gave so much, yet expected so little.”

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