Canadian Medical Association

Surrey, BC; Queen’s University, 1968; general surgery. Died March 1, 2019, aged 74. Colleague John O’Brien-Bell, a past president of the Canadian Medical Association, wrote in the British Columbia Medical Journal: “Mid-career he moved to Surrey, where he was quickly recognized as an outstanding surgeon, especially for abdominal pathology. On appointment as chief of the Department of Surgery at Surrey Memorial Hospital, he addressed the management of surgical services in the emergency room and moved to 24-hour surgical care. As surgical chief he found himself on numerous committees, where he was a popular advocate. On executive committees he found himself increasingly involved with Surrey Memorial Hospital’s role in the rapid expansion of Surrey’s community and its multicultural development. Dr. Doris’s dream was that Surrey Memorial would be the link, as a teaching hospital, between the University of British Columbia and the Surrey campus of Simon Fraser University. He had the support of the medical staff but not of the administration, which over subsequent years removed physicians from roles in the hospital’s development.”

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