Canadian Medical Assocation

Ottawa (ON) – March 4, 2019 – Following an extensive nation-wide recruitment process, Dr. Suzanne Strasberg has been named as board chair for the Canadian Medical Association Board of Directors, effective August 14, 2019. She will follow Dr. Brian Brodie, who has served in the role since 2013.

Dr. Strasberg brings extensive experience in medicine, medical leadership and board governance. She has served as a board member with the CMA, and as board chair, board director and president of the Ontario Medical Association. She is taking on the role of CMA board chair after four years as board chair for MD Financial Holdings Inc., where she developed a deep understanding of the needs of physicians at all stages of their careers.

Outside her board chair duties, Dr. Strasberg practises in Toronto as a member of the Jane Finch Family Health Team, where in addition to her clinical work she is responsible for budgets, and the development of the corporations’ business and operational plan. A staff member at the Humber River Regional Hospital, her interests include pediatrics, adolescent medicine, gynecology and palliative care.