Canadian Medical Association

Ottawa; Queen’s University, 1944; Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps; general surgery. Died April 28, 2019, aged 97. Survived by 4 children, 5 grandchildren and 4 great-grandchildren. “Although Bob missed wartime service, he remained in the Armed Forces for the rest of his career, first as a general surgeon and then as a hospital administrator, attaining the rank of colonel. His military career meant moving his growing family approximately 25 times in the ensuing years. One of his first official postings sent them to Winnipeg, where he helped evacuate hospitals and nursing homes during the city’s 1949 flood. One highlight of his career was the 4 years they spent in Churchill, Man., where Bob looked after soldiers, their dependants and the Inuit villagers, and where, incidentally, he helped deliver his own fourth child. After a year of surgical residency in Texas, he was sent early in the Cold War years to West Germany as 1 of the first Canadian physicians to look after the brigade stationed there. Other postings included Toronto, Halifax, and Ottawa, a return to Germany, and Kingston, with a final move to Ottawa, where he retired in 1976.”