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Joule Innovation

At Joule, we believe that physicians are in a unique position to drive meaningful change in healthcare. As such, our energy is focused on stimulating physician-led innovation and removing the barriers to scalability. Connect with Joule and help build a community dedicated to improving patient outcomes.

Joule Innovation challenges — New!

Working with the physician innovator community, Joule identifies challenges just begging for a solution. We pose the challenge to CMA members who share their ideas with Joule and each other. Participants own their intellectual property. And, the best ideas? Well, the possibilities are endless.

Challenges are open to CMA members only and a account is required to contribute.

3D Printing Challenge

The 3D printing challenge is now closed. New challenges to be announced soon.


Joule Innovation grants

The 2017 Joule Innovation grant program provides CMA members with access to four $25,000 grants and one $50,000 grant in support of physician-led ventures.

In addition to funding, grant recipients benefit from Joule Innovation Council guidance and mentorship, access to potential investors, recognition as a leader in innovation, and marketing and public relations support.

The 2017 round of grants is now closed. Applicants will be notified by mid-May if they are selected to proceed to the final stage of the application process, which includes the completion of a written application. The 2018 grant program will be announced later this year.


All selected ventures must be led by a CMA-member. Not a CMA member? Join today.

All grant recipients have some seed funding in place. There is no minimum value of seed funding required and may include funding from external sources investors, friends, family and self-funding.

Grant Categories

Early-stage innovations 

Early-stage innovations
(two $25,000 grants available)

This category is open to early-stage initiatives with some seed funding, no or minimal revenue, a credible business model and proven feasibility. Initiatives may include a product, service, technology and other innovation. All social initiatives should be submitted within the 'social innovations' category.

Later-stage innovations 

Later-stage innovations
(two grants available: one $50,000 and one $25,000 grant)

This category is reserved for established initiatives that have begun to assemble a team, have some seed funding and are in market with a proven sustainable revenue stream. Initiatives may include a product, service, technology, or other innovation. All social initiatives should be submitted within the 'social innovations' category.

Social innovations 

Social innovations
(one $25,000 grant available)

This category is exclusively for an initiative that addresses a societal problem in a more effective, efficient or sustainable manner than the status quo, and for which the value created accrues primarily to healthcare as a whole rather than private individuals or organizations. Initiatives may include a product, service, process, model of care and/or policy. Seed funding must be in place. Social innovations may be in the early or later-stage of their lifecycle.

Evaluation and weighting

Evaluation and weighting

Meet our 2016 Joule Innovation grant recipients


Meet our Joule Innovation Council

The council is composed of physician innovators and business leaders that provide guidance in marketing, finance and venture capital, product development and health policy. The council evaluates all grant applications and selects he final recipients.

Joule Events

Joule hosts and sponsors health care innovation events across Canada. Joule is a proud sponsor of a series of Hacking Health hackathons that bring together healthcare and IT professionals, designers, policy analysts and entrepreneurs to collaborate, and solution current health care challenges. Questions? Contact us at

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