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October 20 - CMA responds to Federal Government adjustments to tax proposal

October 2 - Parliamentary Budget Office study makes strong case for national pharmacare plan

September 21 - Investments in seniors’ care needed as Canada’s aging population grows

September 5 - Statement by the President-Elect of the Canadian Medical Association, and the President of Doctors of BC

August 31 - 2017 CMA Workforce Survey highlights doctors’ concern over patient access to care

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CMA reports Archive

August 21 - Medical Innovation Report

October 17 - Improving the health of all Canadians: A vision for the future

September 26 - The State of Seniors Health Care in Canada

Speeches Archive

September 28 - Dr. Laurent Marcoux - Opening statement - House of Commons Standing Committee on Finance

September 21 - Dr. Laurent Marcoux - Opening statement - Pre-budget consultations 2017-2018

August 22 - Dr. Granger Avery - Valedictory address - The CMA's 150th Annual Meeting and General Council

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