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CMA2020 - Our strategic plan

For the past 150 years, the CMA’s success has been rooted in its strong commitment to supporting members in delivering the best care to patients. Yet medical innovation, technological advances, and increasing pressure on the health care system are shifting the medical landscape. For physicians, patients, and policy makers, these changes bring challenges and opportunities.

The CMA wants to be at the forefront by driving positive change in health care; to fulfill our mission of empowering and caring for patients, and achieve our vision of a vibrant profession and a healthy population. The CMA 2020 strategic plan is our roadmap.

Advocating on the key health issues facing medical professionals and their patients is our core business, and moving forward, we need to be bold and courageous in this work.

CMA 2020 has three key objectives:

Consistently bring a patient perspective to the work of the CMA

Caring for patients is at the core of what physicians do. Throughout our history, the CMA and its members have promoted the best patient care possible. CMA 2020 continues this work by engaging with patients and the public on shared priorities, and by advancing policies and positions informed by patient experience, as well as established organizations and partners.

How CMA 2020 is engaging with patients:

  • Through Demand a Plan, our seniors’ care advocacy program, we’re working with patients and the public to advocate for a national seniors’ care strategy.
  • Our inaugural 2018 Health Summit will establish a dialogue on health issues with a wide audience, including innovators, thought leaders, patients, and policy makers.
  • The CMA is establishing a patient collaboration group to capture the experiences, insights, and expertise that patients and their families can offer to help improve health care.
Engage in courageous, influential and collaborative dialogue and advocacy

Building on a foundation of strong engagement, CMA 2020 is about being bold in advocating for the issues that matter to the profession and the public. We are focusing our advocacy, by asking our members and Canadians to help us target the key health issues of the next decade. We want our advocacy to have an impact, by being strategic in mobilizing supporters and collaborators.

How CMA 2020 is engaging in courageous and influential advocacy:

  • The CMA is consulting widely — with physician members and Canadians — to determine the key health issues of the next decade. This will inform the basis of our future advocacy work.
  • The CMA is launching new, virtual communities of interest to bring together physicians and other groups with an interest in specific health issues — to interact and engage in collective learning.
  • The CMA will offer opportunities for engagement through multiple channels (consultations, online forums, in-person conferences) and will explore and experiment with other engagement formats depending on the need.
Unite and inspire physicians on health issues and causes that matter

Physicians’ work is critical to societal well-being. The CMA is committed to connecting and inspiring physicians to take on meaningful health matters. Through this work, we will help our members be united and engaged in the profession of medicine — whether just beginning, continuing, or restarting a medical career.

How CMA 2020 is uniting and inspiring physicians:

The CMA has heard loud and clear that physicians in Canada are committed to meaningful change, and that the system must evolve to address the complex and ever-changing health care environment. The CMA 2020 Strategy puts forward a bold future for the Association — based on empowering and caring for patients, promoting healthy populations, and supporting a vibrant medical profession.

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