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Connect to the power of possibilities

Connect to the power of possibilities

Since 1867, Canadian Medical Association (CMA) members have been part of countless life-changing innovations that have transformed medicine and patient outcomes.

Building on a history of innovation, the CMA introduces Joule.
Joule™ is a new Canadian Medical Association company created with today's rapid pace of change in mind. 

At the heart of physician-led innovation, Joule fosters connections and drives health changes that have impact. Whether through innovation grants and labs, health hacking events, or our delivery of trusted products and services, Joule is the edge physicians need every day. We believe that when we build ideas together, great things happen.

Joule is a compelling benefit of CMA membership.

Joule Innovation

A unique program dedicated to facilitating physician-led innovation.

  • $150,000 physician innovation grants to invest in your vision.
  • Access to incubator labs to develop and test potential new products.
  • Joule H2™ — events to connect physician innovators with great ideas.

Digital connections

Joule app — Access trusted clinical and leadership resources and qualify for innovation grants.

Online innovation dialogue — Connect with your peers on new ideas and experiences. Coming soon

Products and technology

Online clinical resources — Access faster, better answers for patients and save $2,000 a year.

Professional development — Physician Leadership Institute: your #1 source for physician leadership courses in Canada.

  • 98% participant satisfaction rate*
  • 30+ years of experience

“As a heart rhythm specialist who implants pacemakers and defibrillators and uses energy therapeutically in my patients — measured in joules (!) — I was instantly energized by our new brand.”

Dr. Chris Simpson
CMA Past President

*based on 2014-15 physician participant survey results