Canadian Medical Association

Regina; Queen’s University, 1945; Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps, WW II; general surgery. Died Sept. 3, 2020, aged 98. Survived by 3 children and 5 grandchildren. “Murray had a long and distinguished career in medicine and surgery. He was a member of the medical staff at the Plains Health Centre, chief of surgery at the Pasqua Hospital, and had a long relationship with the Regina General Hospital (RGH) that began in 1945. In 1950 Murray completed post-graduate training at McGill University, where he earned his fellowship in general surgery. On returning to Regina, he joined the Department of Surgery at the RGH and Grey Nuns in 1954, and was elevated to senior member in 1956. He continued work with the Medical Arts Clinic and launched a specialist surgical practice that would continue until 1982. From 1963 to 1978 he served as head of the Department of Surgery at Grey Nuns. In 1978, he was successful in completing the examination for the certificate of special competence in pediatric general surgery. He continued to operate a solo surgical practice, specializing in general surgical practice and pediatric general surgery. Over his long career, Murray received recognition for years of service in organized medicine at the provincial and national levels. He was a past president of the Saskatchewan Medical Association (SMA), the Regina and District Medical Society, the Saskatchewan Surgical Society and the Western Division of the Canadian Association of Clinical Surgeons. He was also an active member of the SMA’s Board of Directors from 1968-80, chaired the SMA's Education Committee from 1968-74, and was an active member of the Canadian Medical Association's Council on Medical Education. He also served as chair of the Ethics Committee of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada. He received the SMA’s Award of Merit in 1979, along with a Leadership Award from the University of Saskatchewan, where he was an associate clinical professor. In 1993 Dr. Fraser was appointed to the unified medical staff of the Regina Health District, and focused his practice on pediatric surgery. After 62 years of dedicated service, Dr. Fraser retired from the RGH in 2007.”

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