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Owen Luo

Mr. Owen Luo

Owen Luo is empowering the next generation of doctors to advocate for a net zero health care system. 

In 2020, he launched Project Green Healthcare/Projet Vert la Santé, a national community of practice that partners teams of medical students with local hospital systems to design and execute sustainability projects. These have included the introduction of a composting system at a hospital in Trois Rivières, Quebec, and the selection of greener anesthetic gases at Hamilton Health Sciences. 

Mr. Luo is also pushing for all Canadian medical schools to make planetary health and sustainable health care part of the curriculum. He developed planetary health medical education competencies and co-founded Climate Wise Slides – open access slides that educate students on the relationship between climate and health and the impact of health care on the environment. The slides are already being integrated into many undergraduate medical programs across the country.

“Owen has recognized the important role the medical profession has to play in the cause of climate smart health care. His passion has inspired action for not only himself, but for those around him.” – Neil Ritchie, Executive Director, Canadian Coalition for Green Health Care

Mr. Owen Luo is receiving the CMA Award for Young Leaders (Student) in recognition of his exemplary creativity, initiative and commitment to making a difference at the local, provincial/territorial or national level.

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