Canadian Medical Association

The Dr. Léo-Paul Landry Medal of Service is awarded to a CMA member who has made exceptional contributions to the advancement of health care in Canada.

Recipients must have made contributions in at least two of the following areas:

  • service to their profession in the field of medical organization
  • service to physicians by enhancing the overall health and well-being of physician colleagues on both personal and professional levels
  • service to Canadians by helping to raise the standards of medical practice in Canada
  • raise public awareness regarding significant public health efforts
  • personal contributions to the advancement of the art and science of medicine


2023    Not awarded
2022    Dr. Jane Lemaire 
2021    Not awarded
2020    Dr. France Légaré
2019    Dr. Ak'ingabe Guyon
2018    Dr. John Dossetor
2017    Dr. Jean-Claude Forest
2016    Dr. Dana Hanson
2015    Dr. John Gray
2014    Dr. David Butler Jones
2013    Dr. Léo-Paul Landry
2012    Dr. Richard Cruess
2011    Dr. Balfour Mount
2010    Dr. Hugh E. Scully
2009    Dr. Michel G. Bergeron
2008    Dr. Ruth Collins-Nakai
2007    Dr. Paul Walfish
2006    Dr. Étienne LeBel
2005    Dr. Eldon R. Smith
2004    Dr. Normand J. Belliveau
2003    Dr. William D.S. Thomas
2002    Dr. Victor D. McLaughlin
2001    Dr. Jack Armstrong
2000    Dr. Mamoru Watanabe and Dr. May Cohen
1999    Dr. Estelle Simons
1998    Dr. Peter Banks
1997    Dr. Arthur Maxwell House
1996    Dr. Charles Scriver
1995    Dr. Donald Richards Wilson
1994    Dr. Augustin Roy
1993    Dr. Ernest Henry Baergen
1992    Dr. Robert Earl Beamish
1991    Dr. James Hutcheson Graham
1990    Dr. Donald Laurence Wilson
1989    Dr. Paul Henrik Thorbjom Thorlakson
1988    Dr. Dorothy C.H. Ley
1986    Dr. Marc A. Baltzan
1985    Dr. Donald Ingram Rice
1984    Dr. Chester Bryant Stewart
1983    Dr. Lloyd Grisdale
1982    Dr. Robert Orville Jones
1981    Dr. E.W. Barootes
1980    Dr. R.D. Atkinson
1979    Dr. Harold David Dalgleish
1978    Dr. Robert Kenneth Colquhoun Thomson
1974    Dr. G.I. Sawyer
1973    Dr. T.L. Fisher
1971    Dr. N.H. Gosse
1970    Dr. J.R. Lemieux
1969    Dr. E. Kirk Lyon
1967    Dr. A.D. Kelly
1964    Dr. J.A. McMillan

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