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Dr. Debra Boyce

Dr. Debra Boyce

Dr. Debra Boyce has transformed one of Canada’s largest and oldest health care organizations, the Canadian Medical Protective Association (CMPA), by encouraging, facilitating and supporting the advancement of women. She started her journey as a council member in 2008, and spent the next decade promoting equity, diversity and inclusion on its committees and in the workplace. She empowered dozens of female physicians to put their names forward for CMPA Council and supported their pathways to governance roles. In 2018, she was elected CMPA president, the first woman to hold the office in the organization’s 120-year history. 

Dr. Boyce has held other significant leadership roles as well, including a position as Medical Director of the Peterborough Regional Health Centre Women’s and Children’s Services. A family physician, she also provided community and hospital care with referral obstetrics, consultation in women’s health, breastfeeding medicine and newborn care. 

“A thoughtful role model, Debra saw the benefits of connecting people to make a difference, and always encouraged her female colleagues to reach for their maximum potential.” – Dr. Lisa A. Calder, CEO, Canadian Medical Protective Association

Dr. Debra Boyce is receiving the May Cohen Award for Women Mentors in recognition of her outstanding mentoring and contributions to the development of women’s mentorship advocacy.

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