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Listening to patients is a focus of every physician’s clinical practice. It’s also a focus for the CMA. One of the ways we do that is through the Patient Voice, a group of patients who lend their perspectives and experience to our advocacy work. 

The 15-member group offers ideas on how to make Canadians healthier and contribute to a vibrant medical profession, highlighting emerging issues that matter to the public and giving insight into the best ways for the CMA and physicians to engage with patients. They are joined by two representatives from the CMA Board of Directors.

“Patients are at the core of what we do. Everything in the practice of medicine exists because of our mandate to look after patients.”

— Dr. Carl Nohr, CMA Board Member

Want to learn more?

If you’d like to learn more about the Patient Voice or are a patient interested in getting involved, connect with us at [email protected]

For more details on how we engage with patients and the public, read our Patient Engagement Framework, our Patient Partnered Care definition, and Guide on Trauma Informed Engagement & Resources.

We would like to thank past Patient Voice members for their foundational contributions to the CMA and the health system as a whole:

  • Chantal Batt
  • Sam Chigier
  • Chad Dickie
  • Julie Drury
  • Julie Drury
  • Sarah Fletcher
  • Roger Stoddard
  • Rodney Young

Toni Leamon (she/her), Patient Voice Chair

What I hope to bring to the Patient Voice: A youth perspective on the future of health care. As chair, a passion to innovate and collaborate in a safe and supportive environment.

Learn more about Toni Leamon (she/her), Patient Voice Chair

Sudi Barre (she/her)

What I hope to bring to the Patient Voice: Passion for team collaboration. Commitment to work toward greater patient-partnered care. Dedication to ongoing learning and development.

Learn more about Sudi Barre (she/her)

Robert Carignan (he/him)

What I hope to bring to the Patient Voice: Enthusiasm for participating in a team and being a part of discussions and recommendations that will bring change and improvement to health care in our nation.

Learn more about Robert Carignan (he/him)

Michelle Hamilton-Page (she/they)

What I hope to bring to the Patient Voice: A deep investment in community building across varied patient communities in collaboration with health care providers. Experience as a digital strategy lead in the public health, hospital and nongovernmental organization sectors.

Learn more about Michelle Hamilton-Page (she/they)

Elke Hutton (she/her)

What I hope to bring to the Patient Voice: A desire to enhance patient experience, raise awareness about trauma-informed care and advocate for global ethical safe care for all via global collaboration, connection and communication to create optimal models of health care.

Learn more about Elke Hutton (she/her)

Géraldine Jippé (she/her)

What I hope to bring to the Patient Voice: The desire to create change, to have a greater impact on patient care across the world and to improve access and medical literacy for patients.

Learn more about Géraldine Jippé (she/her)

Jean Johnston-McKitterick (she/her)

What I hope to bring to the Patient Voice: A compassionate voice that helps improve the quality and quantity of care for older adults. A focus on our aging population and its impending impacts on medical society.

Learn more about Jean Johnston-McKitterick (she/her)

Sonia Kumar-Seguin (she/her)

What I hope to bring to the Patient Voice: A passion and strong sense of optimism for health care in Canada, a data-driven approach to health care improvement, patient–provider collaboration and community-based health care.

Learn more about Sonia Kumar-Seguin (she/her)

David Price (he/him)

What I hope to bring to the Patient Voice: The perspective gained from a diverse business background and from interactions with patients, family and care providers across the country, to support the ongoing development of safe, continuous, collaborative, patient-partnered care.

Learn more about David Price (he/him)

Claire Snyman (she/her)

What I hope to bring to the Patient Voice: A passion for collaboration. Team player. A focus on improving the quality of care for patients and the working environment for health care providers.

Learn more about Claire Snyman (she/her)

Jake Starratt-Farr (he/they)

What I hope to bring to the Patient Voice: The drive and passion to support conversations with health care providers to encourage a wider understanding and honouring of the unique needs of the 2SLGBTQI community so there can be engagement in breaking down barriers and fully participating in intersectional patient-driven care.

Learn more about Jake Starratt-Farr (he/they)

Eddy Szczerbinski (he/him)

What I hope to bring to the Patient Voice: Enthusiasm, humour and the desire to turn negative experiences into practical and real tools to help others.

Learn more about Eddy Szczerbinski (he/him)

Sunny Tutt (he/him)

What I hope to bring to the Patient Voice: Lived experience with heart failure and transplant while dealing with the health care system. An interest in collaborating with and contributing to the Patient Voice team to improve patient care and workplace quality for health care professionals. 

Learn more about Sunny Tutt (he/him)

Tammy (Teresa) White Quills-Knife (she/her)

What I hope to bring to the Patient Voice: A passion for looking at ways to promote favourable outcomes for Indigenous people. Experience serving on local, provincial and national boards and committees in the areas of police governance, health, education, women’s shelters, healing and treatment centres, and heart and brain health.

Learn more about Tammy (Teresa) White Quills-Knife (she/her)

Roger Stoddard (he/him)

Roger Stoddard passed away in December 2022. The CMA wishes to extend condolences to his family, friends and colleagues, and to express our gratitude for the perspective he brought to Patient Voice. Stoddard’s advocacy, focused on mental health, grew from personal experience as a caregiver and included work with at the community, provincial and national levels.

Learn more about Roger Stoddard (he/him)

Dr. Clare Kozroski, Saskatchewan

Dr. Kozroski is a rural family physician practising in southwest Saskatchewan. She has worked in several provinces and was an active member of the Canadian Forces Health Services reserves for over 20 years. She has served as a Saskatchewan Medical Association (SMA) regional delegate since 2006, on the board of directors for eight years and as SMA president in 2013.

Learn more about Dr. Clare Kozroski, Saskatchewan

Dr. Carl Nohr, Vice-Chair, Alberta

Dr. Nohr practiced as a transplant surgeon at McGill University and a community general surgeon in Medicine Hat, Alberta. He is a past president and current Speaker of the Alberta Medical Association.

Learn more about Dr. Carl Nohr, Vice-Chair, Alberta
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