Canadian Medical Association

St. John’s; University of Athens (Greece), 1958; general pathology. Died Dec. 11, 2017, aged 83. “After immigrating to Canada and completing training at the Halifax Institute of Pathology/Victoria General Hospital (1968), she served as an associate pathologist at the Yarmouth General Hospital in Nova Scotia. In 1969 she moved to Newfoundland and became an associate pathologist at the Grace General Hospital. Later she became director of the pathology laboratory (1975), followed by [a term as] director of laboratory services. ‘Dr. G,’ as she was affectionately referred to by many in St. John’s, was a clever woman, a devout medical specialist, an amazing cook, a dog lover, a wonderful gardener, a loving person and a lively spirit. A fierce Spartan, Sotiria was extremely passionate about Greek culture, music and food, and especially dancing! Before Google, there was Govatsos; she was a fountain of knowledge.”

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